Who was the Bronze Medal winner who summered in Crystal Beach

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Albert “Allie” Krushel was a member of the 1912 Olympic team that represented the United States in Stockholm, Sweden. Two of his teammates on the team that year were Jim Thorpe considered by many the greatest athlete of his day and George Patton who would go on to lead the 3rd Army in World War II. Albert Krushel was born in the “fruit belt” of Buffalo, New York in 1889. The “fruit belt” was a strong German community that both encouraged and valued athletic competition. Albert and three teammates won Bronze Medals in the team cycling competition of the 5th Olympiad. The event took the times of each cyclist over a 200 mile course through Sweden, added them up and the lowest time was awarded the Gold Medal(Sweden), while second lowest time received the Silver Medal(Great Britain) and third lowest time won the Bronze(USA). Albert turned professional after the 1912 Olympics and competed in events across the country including the famous 6 Day Bicycle Races. Many of the bigger events were held in the 74th Armory. In the 1920’s Mr. Krushel bought a family cottage in Crystal Beach and to this day the family still summers in that home. Another interesting story involving the team that year was that a month before the team was to sail for Sweden the Titanic sank in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. With that story remaining in the newspapers throughout April and May it was with some trepidation that the team sailed for Sweden that May. Albert is the first person on the left in the team photo above

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