Bay Beach Plans

The Friends of Crystal Beach (FOCB) has taken a great interest in Bay Beach since the Town purchased this valuable land in 2001. Caring about Bay Beach is consistent with our mission which includes enhancing public beaches and parks in Crystal Beach and supporting the beautification of public property for the enjoyment of the community.

The Bay Beach Master Plan was approved by Council in January 2016 and $850,000 was allocated for improvements based on the recommendations of The Planning Partnership (the consulting firm hired in 2015 to work with the community to develop a sound plan). The Region provided another $850,000 as part of their Lakefront Enhancement Strategy program. The final design and construction plan calls for a new washroom facility, festival/picnic area, open air pavilion, beach terrace, children’s playground, and beautiful public park with improved accessibility to the beach.

Work on Bay Beach began in 2016 and continue through to spring 2019.  The Lobster House has been demolished. Also, the northeast parking lot has been rezoned so it can be sold to a developer to build townhouses, a small hotel, or an apartment building (maximum height 3-4 stories). Construction of the new washroom facility and shore wall will be completed over the winter. In the spring of 2019, the park’s landscaping and walkways will be completed as well as the sidewalks and other improvements along Erie Road.

Friends of Crystal Beach members are very happy that most of the Bay Beach Lands will remain public for future generations to enjoy. We have teamed up with the Ridgeway Lions to raise funds to complete a playground on the site. The Ridgeway Lions currently offer pavement “bricks”  for purchase at various sizes to be placed along the walkway to the beach. These can be inscribed with names. The Second Annual “Spreading Christmas Cheer” Roast Beef Dinner and appearance by the Sherkston Trinity Life Singers held on Saturday, December 8, 2018 was co-sponsored by the Friends of Crystal Beach and the Ridgeway Lions with the proceeds going toward the Bay Beach Playground. The Friends of Crystal Beach has already donated six full-grown trees and two park benches to the renovation project.

We will continue to work with other members of the Crystal Beach community to enhance this treasured parkland.