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There’s a Couch on My Beach!

Several Fort Erie residents had their say about the operation of Bay Beach at Monday’s Town Council Meeting on March 4, 2019.

One resident recalled seeing a large tent on the public beach on a busy weekend, replete with a large living room couch. That was a humourous moment, but other findings on the beach were not so funny, including a twelve inch knife unearthed by a man with a metal detector.

Many of the respondents were familiar faces, those who have been involved in “The Bay Beach Issue” for close to twenty years, going back to when a previous town administration supported a so-called P3 agreement that would have given over the beachfront lands at Bay Beach to a developer of a high rise. Now that that issue has been relegated to the village’s painful, litigious past, the problems with the overwhelming influx of weekend visitors has brought the town and residents together to try to address and correct what was a terrible lack of order and enjoyment at Bay Beach in the summer of 2018.

Twenty delegations spoke about the pros and cons of charging an admission price to use the public beach.  Lack of proper security and parking problems caused headaches while overcrowding at the beach created chaos for everyone.

Everyone who spoke did not look forward to a repeat of last summer. Something must be done but there was no real consensus of how to achieve an enjoyable problem-free summer experience. Costs and possible ways to pay for extra security and clean-up have been suggested, yet many did not want to see admission charges. Most wanted the price of parking to increase, although parking is very limited and problems with visitors parking on narrow streets and blocking residents’ driveways has always been an issue.

There will be further discussion before town council reaches a decision on the operation of the public beach at Bay Beach.

Neil Young Tribute Band gets Attention in Local Media.

Neo Young scheduled to appear at FOCB Waterfront Park concert on August 23

Photo from Fort Erie Observer

The Local band performed at the Bell Tower in Fort Erie on Saturday, February 23, 2019. HERE is the article written by Paul Sawchuk.

Many thanks to new Concert Chair Gayle Martineau for her quick and thorough booking of the four great bands that will appear at the Waterfront Concert Series. She made sure that local bands were on the bill and, for the first time, a country band will headline on August 11 when Westwind brings its smooth country sound to the outdoor event. Of course, The Toronto All Star Band will be back on July 28, offering a chance for the audience to hear the Big Band Sounds that wafted over Lake Erie years ago coming from the fabled Crystal Ball Room at the late, lamented Crystal Beach Amusement Park, mere steps away from Waterfront Park. And the first band of the season, Skins will entertain on July 14.

Something’s Missing in Crystal Beach.

To many, the “Welcome to Crystal Beach” sign on the hill at Ridgeway Road is the gateway to our beautiful beach town. It has been there for a couple of decades, erected by some members of the Friends of Crystal Beach who fashioned the sign themselves. Later, flowers were added, along with an old rowboat.

However, time and nature have taken their toll on the sign.  It leaned over and often looked like it was going to fall down completely.  So, the Friends of Crystal Beach decided it was time to replace the venerable old sign and contracted Mike from M&J Signs in Ridgeway to remove the sign; store it; and then make a replacement. We’ll keep you updated as to the progress of the project.