Grand Re-Opening on May 26

A sandcastle competition will highlight the celebration of the transformation of the public waterfront park. The event takes place on Sunday, May 26, the day before the American Memorial Day summer season kick-off. See more HERE.

Bay Beach Public Beachfront Park: Latest Pictures. (Thanks, Gary Insalaco)

Council Unveils Bay Beach Admission Plans for 2019 Season

Information provided by Marcia Carlyn

Beach Admission – Permanent and seasonal residents of Fort Erie (including taxpayers) will be able to purchase a Season Pass for $10 (the pass will resemble a credit card and will not have a photo ID).  Non-residents (over age 10) will each pay $5 for a Day Pass to enter the beach during prime beach hours (9-5 on weekends and holidays, 10-4 on weekdays).  At all other times, admission will be free for everyone.  Admission will also be free for all children age 10 and younger (the entrance guards will use discretion and common sense regarding a child’s age).

Ashwood Access – The Ashwood Avenue passageway will continue to be used as a second entrance and exit.
Beach Security – The Town will hire a security contractor to make sure the rules prohibiting alcohol, barbecues, dogs, tents, etc. on the beach are enforced.  Seasonal municipal law enforcement officers (MLEO) will also be hired to assist the security firm, enforce parking, and hand out infraction notices to people who violate the Town’s by-laws.
On-street Parking – Paid on-street parking will be enforced as planned in Report No. IS-03-2019.  The Town will provide up to 2 seasonal parking passes for Crystal Beach residents who do not have space on their lot for a driveway.
Data Review – The data collected in 2019 (including the operational costs and revenue received from parking and admission fees) will be reviewed by staff and reported to Council before the end of 2019.  It was requested by Councillor Lubberts that residents be involved in this important review.
Next Steps – Town staff will be recommending to Council several amendments to the Parks and Beach By-law 119-03 and the 2019 Consolidated Schedule of Rates and Charges.  The recommended changes will address the new beach and parking rules.
Article from Fort Erie Post re: Bay Beach

Neil Young Tribute Band gets Attention in Local Media.

Neo Young scheduled to appear at FOCB Waterfront Park concert on August 25

Photo from Fort Erie Observer

The Local band performed at the Bell Tower in Fort Erie on Saturday, February 23, 2019. HERE is the article written by Paul Sawchuk.

Many thanks to new Concert Chair Gayle Martineau for her quick and thorough booking of the four great bands that will appear at the Waterfront Concert Series. She made sure that local bands were on the bill and, for the first time, a country band will headline on August 11 when Westwind brings its smooth country sound to the outdoor event. Of course, The Toronto All Star Band will be back on July 28, offering a chance for the audience to hear the Big Band Sounds that wafted over Lake Erie years ago coming from the fabled Crystal Ball Room at the late, lamented Crystal Beach Amusement Park, mere steps away from Waterfront Park. And the first band of the season, Skins will entertain on July 14.

Something’s Missing in Crystal Beach.

To many, the “Welcome to Crystal Beach” sign on the hill at Ridgeway Road is the gateway to our beautiful beach town. It has been there for a couple of decades, erected by some members of the Friends of Crystal Beach who fashioned the sign themselves. Later, flowers were added, along with an old rowboat.

However, time and nature have taken their toll on the sign.  It leaned over and often looked like it was going to fall down completely.  So, the Friends of Crystal Beach decided it was time to replace the venerable old sign and contracted Mike from M&J Signs in Ridgeway to remove the sign; store it; and then make a replacement. We’ll keep you updated as to the progress of the project.